Not yet, but you can have a look at our German video introduction.

Please make sure you adhere to all the relevant laws and regulations in your country. We are planning to offer an online course on the new EU drone regulations soon. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.


The Premium Account unlocks additional options, e.g. flying bigger missions and increasing the speed limit. Furthermore, you can save your mission configurations in the cloud and access them across multiple devices.

Please tell us more about your project here and we will get in touch with you with a quote for a package fitting your personal needs soon.

A DJI Account is not required for any the app’s functions. However, depending on your DJI drone’s firmware, a DJI Account may be necessary to unlock DJI’s no-fly-zones.

For everything regarding DJI Accounts or unlocking of no-fly-zones, please refer directly to DJI.