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Your customers will see the uniqueness of your world with new eyes

We produce your authentic image movie using the latest technology, shooting from the ground and in air, indoors and outdoors, from planning to the finished film

Movies become increasingly important in marketing. At the same time, expectations of quality are also rising.

It is difficult to decide whether a service provider actually has the necessary skills. Movies – especially with drones – can get risky without detailed knowledge of the law and the necessary permits.

Therefore, there is often a great deal of uncertainty as to whether such modern film production might be overwhelming. In addition, there is also the fear of getting a disappointing result despite great effort.

But an authentic and modern image film would actually be a wonderful way to tell the special story of your place and your world.

I know this problem as an entrepreneur from my own experience. It is often not easy to find someone who thinks with the necessary technical competence and artistic creativity.

After more than 200 image film productions with state-of-the-art technology such as drones, gimbal, etc. ...

... and the parallel construction of a drone school with 18 locations, I know the legal and technical requirements and challenges of a film production like no other.

Well-known companies such as Audi, Siemens or Beiersdorf, but also destinations such as Braunwald, Lower Saxony, Montenegro or Moldova, ...

... as well as hotels like Brenner Park-Hotel in Baden Baden or Hotel Genueser Schiff have chosen us. But we also work together as a service provider for renowned agencies like balleywasl.

Some of our clients

1. Call us: +49 30 24033825
So we can discuss your request. Then we recommend one of our packages for a fixed price.

2. We prepare everything
We take care of all permits and the complete planning.

3. Shoot on site
We shoot at your location. Only in optimal weather conditions, of course!

4. Voting of the rough cut
After 2-3 weeks you receive a first rough cut for joint voting. 1-2 weeks later you will receive the finished image film.

5. Your customers will see your world with new eyes!
Look forward to the enthusiasm of your customers and employees.

Call us now to discuss your request

Phone: +49 30 24033825

Mobile: +49 1775 612142

Come Fly With Us

Trigger emotions with stunning video footage and set yourself apart from the competition! More and more guests plan their travels on the internet and prefer travel providers who present themselves transparently. With a drone video you can address those customer segments directly, which will result in a higher conversion rate.

  • Quality - We fly with the DJI Inspire (4K). In order to exploit the full potential, we only fly under optimal weather conditions. The content will be produced by professional and experienced in house cinema editors.

  • Reliability - We are reliable partner and always work with highest precision! Let us take care of all organisational and legal matters, which allows you to focus entirely on your daily operations.

  • Security - We count on pilots with long-time experience and always fly in teams of two. Thereby, one pilot flies the drone and the other one controls the camera.

Take a look at our portfolio

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Come visit our Droneschool

We teach you how to fly your drones savely and securely within the legal boundaries.

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