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With the Your Flight app, you can create professional and aesthetic drone shots in no time at all. Simply draw your route on the screen or place pre-programmed flight templates. Our app automatically sets the appropriate waypoints, which your DJI drone can then fly off fully automatically with just one click.

With our premium plans you have additional settings and features available.

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App language in German or English.

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  • up to 50 waypoints/month
  • Movie Maker templates up to 200m
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  • unlimited waypoints/ missions
  • Web App
  • Cloud storage
  • Movie Maker templates higher than 200m
  • Survey or inspection flight templates higher than 200m
  • Multi-Missions
  • 3D modeling (1/month) more for an extra charge of 25€ each
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What makes our drone app special?

Preprogrammed flight templates

Fully automatic flight

No other app can do that

Other advantages

Your Flight drone app compatibility with DJI drones

App Ratings & Reviews

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Short introduction

  • Draw a route or place a pre-programmed flight template for your drone to fly later. Line, circle or spiral, the options are endless.
  • The app automatically creates waypoints and places them at strategic points on your route. You also have the option to change the density of the waypoints.
  • In the next step, choose what should happen at each waypoint. Again, you have a number of options at your disposal. Decide on altitude and point of interest, and then on what shots should happen (photo, video, panorama, crane shot).
  • You are satisfied with the settings? Then start the mission and let your drone automatically fly the desired route.
  • You are always in control, and you can cancel the mission at any time.
  • After the drone has completed the mission, it will stay in the air or automatically fly back to the starting point: the choice is yours.
  • Afterwards, you can save the flight route in the cloud and fly it again by pressing a button.

We ask for caution! When using the app, the user bears the responsibility and liability. The drone pilot must have visual contact with the drone at all times and be willing and able to take manual control of the drone.