Industry, inspection
& drones

Inspect your systems to ensure the performance of your system. Whether as an executive pilot or provider of software – with drones you increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

Wind turbine inspection

As a pilot, or with training on our software, we enable you to inspect wind turbines safely, cost-effectively and precisely. We attach great importance to the latest technology and processes.

Solar inspection

From private households to solar parks, we inspect solar systems because we believe in progress. Thermal image and 4k images to detect damage or defects. Our software enables us to do this with the utmost precision.

Real estate

Surveying and 3D modeling of real estate. Drones allow you to perfectly understand your property and prepare it for the future.

Construction industry

Simple and fast digitization of your construction projects

Construction progress has never been documented as effectively as with drone technology.

Masten und Funktürme

Radio masts, antennas and power grids must be inspected regularly due to the effects of the weather, vandalism and aging. High-resolution images enable damage to be localized and assessed

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