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Trigger emotions with stunning video footage and set yourself apart from the competition! More and more guests plan their travels on the internet and prefer travel providers who present themselves transparently. With a drone video you can address those customer segments directly, which will result in a higher conversion rate.

  • Quality - We fly with the DJI Inspire (4K). In order to exploit the full potential, we only fly under optimal weather conditions. The content will be produced by professional and experienced in house cinema editors.

  • Reliability - We are reliable partner and always work with highest precision! Let us take care of all organisational and legal matters, which allows you to focus entirely on your daily operations.

  • Security - We count on pilots with long-time experience and always fly in teams of two. Thereby, one pilot flies the drone and the other one controls the camera.

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What we offer for tourism and real estate

We are the leading provider for drone services in the tourism and real estate industry. Take your potential guests on a breathtaking journey and let them experience your destination's beauty in a way that has never been seen before. We produce a long website video and shorter social media videos. Apart from the videos for your website (1-5 min), we will provide you with social media videos (15 sec each) as well as a collection of aerial photos.

Online Marketing

Compared to a conventional video, a drone video overwhelms your audience with new perspectives and leads to a more innovative web presence.


With drone video on your landing page, your website visitors will take their decision in the first 15 seconds. Don't leave anything to chance.

Social Media

On social media platforms, videos have a higher reach and a significantly higher potential to be shared or liked than other graphical content.

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We teach you how to fly your drones savely and securely within the legal boundaries.

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