Video and Photography

Professional drone videography and photography for beginners, advanced and professionals!

Optimize your projects:

Preset the mission from anywhere

Preset your missions from everywhere on your IPad or on the browser view.

Fully automatic POI

Fully automatic flight and recording from Point Of Intrest. Photos, videos, panorama, crane shots.

Full concentration on video or photo

The drone flies the preset route fully automatically and you control the camera.

"Smoother" turns

"Smoother" turns due to only 0.5 metres distance between waypoints.

Make complicated manoeuvres

Make complicated manoeuvres super easy to fly fully automatically (orbit, spiral, birds eye up with turn, close in, slider)

Projects with our Apps:

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To our Apps:

One Click Drone App

Set up an elipse and your drone will fly it automatically by itself. The coordinates will be cloud saved. You can fly the same elipse as often as you want. From the recordings we will create your very own timelapse.

Your Flight App

The Your Flight App for iOS enables you to easily and quickly plan waypoint missions for all DJI Drones which allow Waypoints. Simply draw your flight route on the screen.